The Soft Rock Cult Club is a musical project formed in 2021 featuring some of Vancouver's most up-and-coming musicians. Audience members have described the Soft Rock Cult Club as a musical "supergroup" whose roots hail in jazz, blues, progressive rock and soul.

Ben Dunnill


Ben has been playing music professionally since he was 13 years old. Growing up in a musical house hold, it didn’t take long to realize that music was in the cards for him. After seeing the Ray Charles movie "Ray" when he was 11, Ben became inspired to start learning jazz piano. Since then he has gained an immense knowledge in Jazz, Classical, Rock and orchestration. Now at the age of 22, Ben has played over 1500 professional shows as a singer/pianist as well as serving as a musical director for the Sassy Awards, and the University of Fraser Valley. Ben also works as a composer having written music for TV shows such as “Momondays” and “When paintings come alive”. He was named “One of the ten artists to look out for” by the Vancouver press in 2016 and has been a guest on Shaw’s “ViaMia” as well as “Generation Y”.  He's worked with many successful Vancouver Artists including Mathew V, Fionn and Michael Sicoly

Ayla Tesler-Mabe


Ayla Tesler-Mabe is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She has toured internationally, playing at clubs, theatres and festivals across North America and Europe. She has appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and KEXP with her former rock band, Calpurnia, and is currently part of art-pop, jazz, funk, and soul trio Ludic. Ludic has been given the opportunity to share the stage with many Grammy-award-winning artists, such as Brittany Howard and Snarky Puppy. As a solo artist, Ayla has collaborated and shared the stage with Willow Smith, and is poised to make her debut as a solo songwriter and producer in the coming months. She is thrilled to be exploring her love of yacht rock in her newest collaborative venture, the Soft Rock Cult Club! 

Braden Williams


Braden has been playing the guitar since the age of six years old and shows no sign of stopping. Playing professionally for the past five years, the guitar has brought Braden to the world stage, performing in many different musical settings. Fluent in rock, blues, country, folk, and jazz, he has played alongside some of the top musicians in the industry.

Paul Fader



Paul Fader is a percussionist from White Rock, BC. He started playing the drums at the age of 5 after he was astonished by the playing of John Bonham and Keith Moon. Throughout high school, he became proficient in jazz and played with a number of gigging jazz ensembles. He has played with rep bands and received awards for his performances in several Jazz festivals. While in university, he taught private lessons to dozens of students and played professionally with Ben Dunnill as his studio drummer. Today, he continues to sharpen his technical abilities and strives to build a strong musical foundation for the Soft Rock Cult Club.